For more space, the small living room design was equipped with tailor made furniture. This makes it comfortable when lounging and reading, we have the walls painted in two colors.

Before-after at a glance: vibrant purple brings atmosphere to the small living room design

Before: Despite the colorful painting on the wall behind the sofa and the sprawling plant room looked pale and bare. In addition, the dining area dominated the room too strongly by the dark wood of the furniture. Storage space was scarce. After: The strong purple wall and carpet exudes much atmosphere and comfort from. The contrast is provided by the quieter tones in the dining area. The carpet and the multifunctional sofa bring cosiness in the room. New storage space create the diagonally arranged shelves and shallow closet with glasses and dishes.

The color rather pale small living room design offered so far little storage space, so that the books were piled in the bedroom and there caused disorder. The dining area had got too dark and therefore pushed upon entering the room too much to the fore.

The new sofa thanks to a long side element provides comfort in all positions - long television evenings, for reading or cuddling - depending on your mood singly. For convivial togetherness the puzzle similar arrangement slightly mutually oriented Poltster different deep, ideal. Optical eyecatcher is the invigorating Wall Color Purple, the wonderfully harmonizes with the tufted "baroque" structure of the carpet.

The TV set has become indeed slimmer, the DVD collection but grown disproportionately - storage space is therefore still in demand. Remedy creates an unobtrusive audio video cabinet with folding door, which ensures order and the same holds even more space for other equipment.

The question of the optimal trim of the radiator is a theme repeatedly. Here the carpenter has slotted chipboard and hung at angles before the ribs heating - a clean solution. The flexible orientable wall lamp saves uplight or table lamp which would take up valuable space in each case.

The custom built by a carpenter fitted wardrobe ranges from wall to wall, but acts not intrusive. The doors correspond to the radiator cover on the opposite side (see Figure 3). For quiet, on the dining table concentrated light is provided by two graceful hanging lamps. On the shelf above the built-in sideboard is space for images or other objects of art from the private collection.