Minimalist design, vintage, modern, color. The dining room has the particularity to give pep to an interior while adapting to the established style of decoration. Entirely red, multicolored, embellished with bright colors, softened by pastel or more classic tones with a neutral color, The dining room gives a vivid color and energizing key to a comfortable indoor living. So the color determines the mood. The color sets the tone in the decoration, soothes or wake up, to form a toned decor and especially customized. Using one color or several colors, to create a nice cameo or rather create contrast, the dining room has the advantage of being unique to reflect the identity of persons occupying around a family meal or friends. Have fun with color!

A dining room in an old multicolored interior

We often imagine a Haussmann apartment or a house with walls painted white, symbols of simplicity and timelessness, ensuring zero risk decoration. Still, creating a nice contrast in these interiors can enhance the decor through a single color that will make all the difference. Adopt a bright blue blue guy Klein on a molded wall sets the tone in the decoration. For the rest, nothing obliges us to maintain an ancient decoration, traditional, Scandinavian, or vintage design. If you dare to color, but less frank, bet on a white wall at the top and a painted base in a strong color. You give rhythm to the dining room with sobriety and elegance

A dining room in a modern interior multicolor

Often we dare a little more dining room colors when it takes place in a modern interior. The walls are completely smooth with no molding, we can make it fancy with colorful stickers, horizontal lines that take the form of friezes or vertical lines that accentuate the ceiling height. Color can also imagine the ground, with wooden floors that have revisited old stained black or pink, a bleached parquet for a Nordic style, and why not tile cements that will create an offbeat atmosphere. A dining room colors can also take lives and bring new tones through furniture and accessories (a multicolored carpet design flashy chairs, a lamp uncommon).

Dining room colors creative and inventive wants to propose a new style of decoration. This part of the house is intended for a reunion with family or friends for a meal, it is ideally decorated when it is all about color.