How to equip the living room, so he airy, comfortable and fit into it everything you need for a comfortable evening lounging? It is not easy, huh? To achieve a balanced interior design, you need more than just post random pieces of furniture around the room. We will advise how to do it!

1. Just the bare essentials first

The first and most important step in arranging a decorate small living room is clear about which pieces of furniture there really need. Surely this includes armchairs, a coffee table and entertainment center. If the dimensions allow the living room, of course, here we can include other elements, including bean bags, chairs, furniture or walls.

2. The greatest takes precedence

When arranging begin with placing the largest piece of furniture. Each living room had a instructs its middle and thus becomes the most prominent part of its equipment. The central point may become according to the preferences of residents, for example, large television (as an entertainment center), a fireplace or sofa. Then we choose decorate small living room, two-seated, subtle appearance. Instead buy a footrest chairs, stools and cushions that do not take place and we can easily hide. They come to use when company comes.

3. Do not create zones in Zone

If the largest item in the living room sofa, her opposite oriented entertainment center so that people who will sit on it, had a good view of the screen. Chairs and optionally other seats or seating cushions deploy preferably on both sides of sofas in the shape of an open "U", then eventually to "L". We try to make seating itself did not constitute a closed zone in the already decorate small living room, we want it as open as possible. TV cabinet or table should be low, not very strong, soft, light colors.

4. Where are fourth with coffee?

Swap furniture placed near the seating. A good rule of thumb is stackable furniture acquisition, we can get several tables in one and does not take place and, if necessary, can be variably distributed. Also, make sure that around the table can comfortably navigate. If you can not ensure free passage, you are going to get you better get one or two corner tables, which we plant, for example, between the sofa and chairs.

5. Bright colors, light materials

In order to be in your living room feel cramped, will help some tweaks in the use of colors and materials. In decorate small living room is generally recommended a lighter color, which well reflects light and visually enlarge the entire space. On one wall we can afford to use even more pronounced color. It is important to provide quality lighting space, in addition to the central beam deploy several additional lamps and lamp. Well when added space will serve mirror and other reflective materials such as furniture made of shiny material or glass. When selecting the shapes of reach for simple minimalist pieces over heavy cushioned and carved furniture that to excel, he needs space. Also saving decorations will avoid exposing statues, cups and glasses památečního, all flat surfaces are trying to keep empty. This measure will ultimately appreciate even when cleaning.