Four doors and a window made the nearly 26-square-meter modern living room ideas rather than the walk-through room to the cozy gathering point for the whole family. A smart placement of furniture and warm wood tones created a cozy space where you feel completely comfortable.

Before: Despite a large window and a door to the terrace that looked modern living room ideas with adjoining conservatory dark and uncomfortable. The combination of dark leather couches, bulky coffee table and chandelier produced an inharmonious impression. After: As a finca in the south affects the living room after the redesign. Bright, friendly furniture and many white accessories detract from the rustic wooden ceiling, which made ​​previously appear even darker the room. The short course on the walls has been cleverly used and otherwise the placement of furniture created in the center of a whole new sense of space.

The seating area was previously in the dark corner of the room. So they not only worked in the room "squeezed", but also blocked the only free walls that can accommodate shelves. The total area of ​​the room - almost 26 square meters - was not optimally utilized. The lighting did not contribute to comfort of the room: A flash floor lamp in the corner and an electric chandelier spread a cold light. So lacking the modern living room ideas coziness.

Open in yourself and to the floor to ceiling patio doors, the modern living room ideas presents after the redesign. A window was taken out and replaced by a patio door. Two sofas with dark beige upholstery were combined into one and placed in the middle of the room. The passage area is thus no longer in the center, but behind the backs of the seating. Symmetrically on both sofas two white lights were put on little stools that make for a pleasant light. Before the newly created bookshelves on the wall are comfortable wicker chairs, which can also easily change as needed.

Around three meters seat invite to casual lounging on the couch. The sofa is not only very generous, but can also be fine thanks to its neutral color with colored cushions - such as in pink and pink - combine. The new lighting concept also contributes to the relaxation: Several uplight brighten the individual sections of the wooden ceiling. The room doors with moldings are suitable for the traditional style of the house. Before the sofa can be prima provide a low coffee table made of satin white glass.