Cool blue, soft beige or fiery red - with the living room color trends is for all tastes. Find your favorite sound, they paint it on its own or combine it with other trendy colors

5 living room color trends

living room color trends

This kumquat is like a Feel of noises, a listening in nature, a sympathize about merry thoughts, daydreaming - sensuality. "Sahara" has an intense emotional state. Who wants to make his home into an experience that pervades the atmosphere, makes the joy that gives the heat, lies with "Sahara" dead right.

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"Reflecting Pool" one says in English to the point where the water in the glare captures the color of the sky. A wall color that evokes this fantastic moment must "pool" hot.

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Who suspected Maue mood in gray, is mistaken. Hardly any color looks so clear. And like any trend color is "Moon" a team player who goes together wonderfully with other wall colors: "Luna" or "Deep" are the favorite companions

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Trend Color "Luna", a darker gray, one can hardly describe, so rich it's emotional values: It has warmth, coziness and coolness. "Luna" makes it cuddly, but also among people who often try something: Accessories in bold colors or beautiful woods fit perfectly to "Luna

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"Deep" is not called as the deep blue sea. Because we find relaxation by the sea. "Deep" at home means that the recovery is confident. Therefore, one must also not be immersed completely equal in "Deep". A wall in the dark cyan fits well with the colors of the beach and sun. Trend colors like "Coral", "Cashmere", "sand" and "Honey" are the homely partner of "Deep".