In the living room we spend most of our free time, which is why its facilities, including decorating the need to pay some attention. Although at first glance might not seem like base color is very important.

The influence of color on the psychological and physical condition of man is well known. Therefore, in a home that is our refuge from the outside world while resting place that ensures privacy, tranquility exuded a real home, select it in the right colors and their combinations.

Paint on the walls

The easiest way to liven up the living room is painted a wall paint or decorate colorful wallpaper. When choosing colors it is advisable to follow a personal preference, but there are a few tips, which can be guided. Living rooms that serve primarily as a representative spacious rooms, ideal as darker shades of warm colors to enliven a room and enclose. It also works cheerfully and nobly.

For which color to choose?

For the residential area in which you want to create a cozy atmosphere that encourages and creates a warm and homey feeling, try to choose the color orange. Orange is also the right choice for a dark and cool space. To the living room mostly to relax, then select the color of the sky. The blue color in combination with other warm colors brings peace, harmony and relaxation. Its place, but in a far more frugal, a living room and a distinctive red color.

Furniture color

The living room, which could saturated tones of warm colors shrunk too, can be equipped with colorful furniture. A simple modern interior should be selected if only one or two significant pieces. This may be, for example, favorite patchwork - ie sitting furniture covered with various pieces of colorful fabrics. Such a coating eventually you can make yourself. If you like extravagance, colored furniture is right for you.

Colorful accessories

The living room would never be quite complete without some of the decorations. Home accessories, however, are also a unique opportunity to fine-tune the whole interior color. The easiest way to tighten the interior color and also it even more cozy, a wool carpet. Carpet may have a deeper tone than the color of the walls or, conversely, a color that contrasts with the paintings, but it fits with other accessories in the room - ie the curtains, pillows or images.