Folding glass doors ideas - The panels are framed in anodized aluminum painted white. Fixed inside the aluminum structure are panels in frosted and tempered. The opening and closing operations are performed by sliding on rails placed above the door. The brightness of the interior with white walls is not only encouraged, but also enhanced the transparency of glass, able, by virtue of special processing, to ensure a soft diffusion of light and adequate separation between environments connected by the folding glass doors.

What we see represented is a folding door in lacquered wood, white. On the central panels of glass is present a geometric pattern, a series of strips that divides the space into a sequence of diagonal lines and horizontal, so as to obtain a partition of a regular triangular shapes that repeat and chase. In this way, the brightness is still guaranteed by the transparency of the glass opacified, but are unable to generate a greater intimacy and a pass even softer and progressive from an environment to another.

The folding door can also be used to ensure safety and solidity. As we see, the structure of the panels of the folding door is solid wood, of considerable thickness, while the material used for the frame and the hinges is iron. The door, made to measure, integrating optimally iron and wood, can make the most of the limited space available to connect the house to the attic. A clever solution, perfect for a limited space that requires minimum space for opening and closing. But, thanks to the folding glass doors, should not give up the security guaranteed by the possibility of using thick materials.

The folding glass doors is also ideal for connecting the interior of the house with the external ones. In this case, the folding door connects the house with the terrace. The structure is made of aluminum, while the panels are completely in glass, to provide full transparency, which allows the light to spread inside. The book structure makes possible a full opening of the door, being able to fold, he is able to minimize its overall dimensions until they almost disappear. In this way, the environment can become one depending on the requirements. And the seasons.

Aluminum coated with a cream shade, this folding door integrates in the upper part of the panels that adopt a system similar to that of a shutter, consisting of horizontal rails capable of open and close. The combination between this system and that of opening and closing of the folding glass doors itself, allows a configuration of the light penetration and access contiguous to the environment, which can then be modulated according to the requirements. Lightweight for lines and material used, which is easy both to assemble to operate, a folding door from the drawing simple and easily adaptable to different types of environments and furniture styles.

Black aluminum, the folding glass doors represented here is interposed between the house and the veranda. The ability of the folding door to gather, thanks to its typical closure able to fold , until reaching the volume of a single side panel, makes possible both an optimal isolation of the house, guaranteed by the complete adhesion of the panels to the frame that supports them, but also a link that becomes a real fusion between environments, when the door is open. A folding door design simple and functional, based on maximum comfort and ease of use.