Today we present some models of modern dining room chairs design. We will see some developments regarding the used materials and ergonomic technology, but also also consult the trends in terms of styles and shapes, we hope you enjoy our collection of images

Here we show first a model of modern dining room chairs designed by Enrico Cesana called "Wired" for My Home collection in 2015. Its tubular steel frame is still the seat and back of bungee cords. We can find this model in various colors according to sample.

Then chair design signature Cancio called "Yanky". It turns out that are fashionable transparent modern dining room chairs, and these specifically include polycarbonate seats also available in various colors. Besides the support structures can be found in painted steel finish or chrome

Another fairly current model is called "Hexa" created by Sabino Ferrante during 2014 to Mast Elements. It is a skateboard carbon fiber chair which its author has referred to as "timeless", being a very useful both for the dining room as the workplace or outdoor piece.

Later we will see different combinations of furniture with chairs of different styles, such as these great wicker chairs that contrast in a white kitchen with a fairly minimalist and straight design. No doubt they are the element that brings color and a certain rustic feel to the whole.

But we will see more youthful and daring styles like this fabulous dining boho chic look with very original and transparent chairs, which as we saw earlier, are very present in the designs of modern dining. One of the advantages of transparent furniture is to help win favor visual space and the lighting

If we look at the photograph on the top we will see a room that shares the same space with the kitchen which is not too large, however, the choice of colors has helped create a feeling of more space along with lighting Natural from outside make the place be extended view