Current design trends are evolving gradually toward styles that bring back the charm of the old days. Simple, relaxing spaces in modern environments. They can be seen turning towards industrial, rustic or vintage that bring back memories of the past. Other styles that we see today that has a tendency towards the country dining room, especially in the dining rooms. They have a lovely mix of textures and very natural contrasts.

Today we share a gallery of images that are an excellent example of simplicity, functionality and warm air that never fails in this style. Some do not strictly adhere to a classic country dining room style, but are inserted in more modern spaces and other elements mixed. Undoubtedly in the dining room it is the table that marks the character of this area. From it we define the rest of the area in a room with cottage style classic wooden table is the obvious choice.

Simple wooden tables even recycled handmade. The key is simplicity, only then is added to the country dining room chairs. This is where you can combine and create something really unique and different. One attraction of this style is its perfect adaptability. It remains cheerful, bright and something fundamental is a neutral color scheme and decorated with natural materials. Especially wicker, bamboo or wooden surfaces set.

The result is a very elegant country dining room. We can not overlook the always welcome personalization of space. When it is based on garden style we bring imagination to the limit. Parts DIY , crafts, woven wicker baskets or whatever you can find with an air of antiquity. The aim is to equip the room personality, make it unique and alluring for our guests. In this sense much lighting can help.