While small living room decor ideas involves creating a practical and elegant universe and give it in addition, a pleasant feeling of volume.

No panic, the goal is attainable! Wager on Deco tricks that allow to structure a piece and give it depth: Size and shape of the sofa and armchairs, furniture arrangement, staged color and work on the lighting. Give life to your small living room playing on color, materials and cozy and sensual forms. And do not sacrifice the comfort of armchairs and sofas just because you do not have space! If the living room has a mission to fulfill, that is primarily to be welcoming and comfortable.

decor ideas for small living room

decorating ideas for a small living room

5 Tips for great small living room decor ideas

Do not give up the color under the pretext that the living room is small

Banish the belief that only the white suits to small surfaces. Yes, light colors enlarge the space, but do not prevent the introduction of color! Choose a dominant color you love and do some reminders playing on materials and intensity differences. Avoid splashing radically resolve your bright color on pure white. The time is the sweetness and nuances, especially if you want to create a cozy atmosphere.

Decorate the walls and add to it!

To give depth to the living room, equip your walls! A patchwork of rectangular frames of different sizes to none to create rhythm on a wall. Opt for soft, natural composition with a neutral color palette of gray, black and white. Since charcoal sketch to the bottom part without going through all the black and white pictures that you care, opportunities abound to bring character to the lounge area.

Choose armchairs and sofas but cozy

Enjoy the small size of your living room furniture to invite plump and sensual forms. Prefer plump sofas 2 seats, armchairs and soft forms collected. A carpet, a coffee table and your small living room becomes a cozy nest that awaits you for real relaxation

Do not close the space

Create intimacy without locking! In a small lounge, the sofa is not to close the space. Position the sofa along one wall and let the stream flow by creating a wide clearance between the seating area and the adjoining room. Delineate the usability area by spaced chairs that symbolically mark the beginning of the expansion area

Materialize the lounge area

Often, small lounges are shared square meters with other spaces like the dining room or office. In this case, materialize the lounge area with a carpet and a dedicated lighting. If your living room is not equipped with a chandelier, opt for a floor lamp to provide a friendly and welcoming lighting

decorating ideas for small living room

decorating ideas for small living rooms

small living room decor ideas